Ecoer 18/20 Seer Heat-Pump
 Energy Saving Up to 50%
Percentage based on national average at 10 SEER; may vary according to efficiency of current unit and installation.

Experience Royal Comfort
With Ecoer's Inverter Ducted Split Heat Pump System

Variable Speed Technology: Ecoer‘s inverter system consistently operates from 25% to 110% of its capacity through speed changes on inverter both the compressor and motor. Building Load Self-Learning Technology: Ecoer’s inverter system provides only the necessary cooling or heating needed to maintain comfort while realizing maximum energy savings.

Low Ambient Temp Heat Pumps
100% heating capacity down to 5°F outdoor ambient temperature.
A rough 25% improvement in cooling and a 50% improvement in heating, from the 10-13 seer heat pumps installed in this area of the country.
Quiet, As low as as 56dB.Compressor equipped with Noise-cancelling Jacket. Silent mode available, with 4 silent modes to choose from.

Benefit from Ecoer Smart IoT Gateway(ESIG)
*Ecoer System 24/7 Guardian

*ESIG makes Ecoer inverter AC&HP systems connectable and all real-time service
(Self-diagnosis, fault prediction, Filter remind etc.) possible.
*Demand Side Management
*Helps homeowners save money and maintain comfort in their homes when they
join DR Services
*Easy set-up from Ecoer helps utility companies manage the grid and promote their
DR programs
*Always Enjoy the Latest Ecoer Smart Service Software
*Ecoer smart service is committed to be the best service provider in the HVAC industry.
*Ecoer will provide regular software updates to ensure the customer always enjoys
the most up-to-date protection available

What we are offering
A basic change-out for a very low price of $6,500.00 which will include the following;

-New ODA18H2436 Variable Speed condenser, with 16"concrete base.
-New A-Coil with a TXV.
-Flushing existing copper lines.
-New Honeywell T6 Wifi thermostat.
-1 year of service warranty.

If other major changes are needed, additional cost will apply.

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